Our Services

Transcendence utilizes only highly qualified, experienced and professional consultants to provide our clients with accurate and complete solutions. We understand that proven technical and professional capabilities attract clients, but superior customer service keeps them. Transcendence provides both through a driven commitment to customer service. Our exceptionally proficient technical consultants deliver services that meet or exceed regulatory compliance requirements.

System Administration

Transcendence’s system administration services encompass all of your system and network infrastructure needs at all levels of administration—from creation to implementation to ongoing management. You can be certain that Transcendence’s experienced consultants will keep your business systems running smoothly. Learn more.

Virtual Network

A virtual network will provide your company or agency with significant cost and personnel energy savings. The network contains a number of virtual servers, hardware, and storage space. It also offers enterprises greater flexibility to respond to changing needs and user expectations. It is vitally important that your mission is executed with precision and accuracy. Transcendence can assure the success of your mission or project by creating a virtual network for testing and refining to assure quality end-user experience. Learn more.

Help Desk Services

Your employees’ knowledge of and confidence in the systems and networks they use to do their job are essential. Transcendence’s help desk services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and will give your staff the resources and support they need in times of crisis. Transcendence provides a dedicated technical support team of experienced and certified systems engineers. Learn more.

Software Development

Transcendence is equipped to meet all of your application and software development and management needs. We have a solid track record of developing, implementing, and maintaining company- and agency- specific software applications that meet client-specified goals. Our systematic approach to software engineering saves valuable resources by ensuring that the applications and software we develop meet a real business need and integrate efficiently into the established work flow. Learn more.

Network Engineering, Telecommunications, and Monitoring Services

The experienced and highly trained network engineers at Transcendence can architect, build, deploy, and support your enterprise network based on your organization’s specific needs. We will conduct a thorough technical systems assessment, and after gaining a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s operations and requirements, we will design an enterprise network that is reliable, secure, and offers maximum efficiency. And with Transcendence, you will have 24-7 access to your project manager to help ensure the success of innovative networking projects. Learn more.

Storage Area Network

Whether you’re in the public or private sector, secure, efficient, and cost-effective data storage is crucial in optimizing productivity and ensuring optimal business responsiveness. The success of daily operations rests on uninterrupted access to your data and business continuity depends on it. Learn more.

Staff Augmentation

One of the greatest challenges facing many businesses and government agencies today is finding skilled IT professionals who, upon hire, can deliver quality software development, network management, and technology-related support without extensive training or ramp-up time. At Transcendence, we provide highly trained professional consultants to work under your direction allowing you to achieve your business goals by increasing technical experience and quality of development while eliminating the need for, and cost of, additional training of current personnel. Learn more.